How to earn 15% from RateSetter (Peer-to-Peer Lending)

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You must be wondering how can you earn upto 15% through RateSetter (peer-to-peer) lending program. In this post, I will explain how can you earn 15%.


What is RateSetter

Ratesetter is a leading peer-to-peer lending / investment platform. It connects investors with borrowers. It was founded  in 2010, and since then over £3.5bn has been invested with RateSetter.  There are 650,000 investors and borrowers on RateSetter.

While Ratesetter is approved by FCA, the capital is as risk as there is no FSCS protection (like Bank deposits). Note that even other investments have no FCFS protection.


Investment options with RateSetter

You can choose one of the options offered by RateSetter:

  • EveryDay Account:  This is the most popular option
  • ISA: You get the same rates as Everyday Account, but the interest earn is tax free as it is under IF-ISA.
  • SIPP:  You can also enjoy tax benefits by investing through a Self-Invested Personal Pension

You need to choose one of the investment product:

  • Access: 3% Annualised rate  (No fees to release investment)
  • Plus: 4% annualised rate (release fee 30 days interest)
  • Max: 5% annualised rate (release fee 90 days interest)
  • 5 Year: 5.3% (1.5% fee to release payment)

These new products were launched on 3-Oct-2019


Welcome Bonus – £100 

If you invest a minimum of £1000 for 1 year, you will get £100 bonus (i.e. 10% of the investment amount). So in total you can earn upto 15% on your investment of £1000 at RateSetter p2p platform.  See terms and conditions later in the post.


How to Open Account with RateSetter

a) Visit my Referral link to open Account with RateSetter p2p platform ( You will get £100 Bonus amount – explained above)

b) Need to enter basic information

c) Once you have registered,  you need to submit the required documents

d) I submitted the documents on the same day.  I received an email after 2 working days.

e) Once the account is opened, you can deposit the amount by transferring to their account (it will be displayed in your panel)

The interest rates offered may slightly changed based on the market demand and supply. F0r e.g. see below the market demand on 6th Oct 2019.


Terms & Conditions for £100 Bonus

  • You’re eligible for the bonus of £100 if:
    • You have not previously registered with RateSetter.
    • You register on or after the 5th June 2019 with RateSetter.
    • You invest a minimum of £1,000 through the RateSetter ISA or Everyday Account and the funds are matched within 8 weeks of you opening an account.
    • You keep a minimum of £1,000 invested for 1 year.
    • Your bonus will be credited to your Everyday Account and invested in the Rolling Market at Market Rate within 30 working days of qualifying. The Rolling Market will reinvest the bonus each month automatically. You can change your investment settings and request to withdraw your money at any time (subject to the Investor Terms) but you must keep a minimum of £1,000 invested for 1 year to qualify for your £100 bonus.
  • The £100 is non-transferable and no alternatives will be offered.
  • You can make your investment in any of our markets to qualify (Rolling, 1 Year, 5 Year) and can split the investment across more than one market if you like.
  • The maximum bonus per customer under this promotion is £100.
  • This bonus is not available in conjunction with any other offer, or when you register through a cashback website. You can still refer friends to RateSetter and earn ‘referrer’ bonuses.


My Personal Investment Experience with RateSetter

I opened the RateSetter account on 7th Sep 2019 and my account was approved on 11th Sep 2019.

I have invested £1000 across couple of options. Since then the investment options have slightly changed (on 3-Oct-2019).



RateSetter is a leading p-2-p investment and lending platform. You can earn 15% on your investment of £1000 –  5% from investment product & 10% from Bonus. You can visit the RateSetter site using my referral link and get the £100 bonus.

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