Upto £300 cashback on ISA (Scottish Friendly Investment ISA)


Get cashback upto £300 for investing in Scottish Friendly Investment ISA

Cashback Benefits:

Monthly PremiumCashBack
£10- £19.99 £30
£20 – £39.99£60
£40 – £59.99£80
£60 – £99.99£100
£100 – £999.99£200


Steps to claim the Cashback

  • Visit Topcashback.co.uk
  • Search and Click on Scottish Friendly Investment ISA
  • Invest in Scottish ISA
  • The cashback will be validated after 60 days



Investment Options

  • My Easy Choice Investment  (ISA) : A single fund choice suits you, so you don’t have to choose between multiple funds.
  • My Choice (ISA) :  You want to select from a choice of 9 funds, from low to high risk, so you can invest your money to suit your circumstances.
  • My Prime (ISA): You want a shortlist of funds to choose from, ranging from low to high risk.
Benefit calculation

For the monthly investment of £100, you can get a cashback on £200.

Assuming, you invest for 3 months, you will invest £300 and get cashback of £200. If you will be selling the investments after 3 months and want your money back, there is a deduction of £50 (withdrawals before 5 years). So your net benefit will be £150 on investment of £300.

Cashback = Net £150 on £300 Investment  (3 month wait)

Note: the investment value may go up / down depending on the market. So there is that risk.

My own personal experience 

  • I have invested in Scottish Friendly My UK tracker Select (ISA) on 7th Sep 2019. Monthly Investment of £50
  • Cashback – Tracked on Topcashback as £85 only (instead of £150 which was 24 hour deal when I invested)
  • 8th Sep :  Raised support ticket to Topcashback to get it corrected. Awaiting their response.

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